v3 AWS CloudFormation Template for XenApp now available also in the Sydney region with support for NetScaler and StoreFront

Since I first introduced a CloudFormation template for XenApp in the blog  “Jumpstarting your XenDesktop Farm in AWS with a CloudFormation Template,” I’ve now support for multiple Regions and Availability Zones in a v2 version of this CloudFormation template in the blog “Announcing the Multi-Region AWS CloudFormation Template for XenDesktop”.

I am now announcing the third version of this AWS CloudFormation template which adds the new Asia Pacific Sydney region and support for StoreFront and NetScaler Access Gateway Enterprise. This release makes use of the NetScaler VPX instances available via AWS MarketPlace, and replaces Web Interface with StoreFront to be able to support all the advanced features of our latest Citrix Receivers.

Version 3 of the CloudFormation JSON template can be downloaded from here.

I’ve also made a video available for you that walks you through the whole process on Citrix TV. Check it out here.

For detailed instructions on using the v3 CloudFormation template, download the setup guide here.

Using this new template, in only a couple of hours you’ve constructed a XenApp farm in your selected Region within the AWS cloud using Netscaler and StoreFront technology. You can use the farm for a number of purposes, including:

  • Application Testing
  • Business Continuity
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Testing XenApp performance in the      cloud
  • Learning how to manage AWS resources

We welcome your comments and feedback about our new v3 NetScaler and StoreFront enabled AWS CloudFormation template for XenApp farm.


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