Jumpstarting your XenApp 6.5 Farm in AWS with a CloudFormation Template

Is your XenApp farm in the Cloud? Have you thought about putting it there? If it only took a few hours to create a XenApp farm in the cloud, would you consider cloud service delivery for your apps and desktops? In case you are new to Amazon Web Services (AWS), you should know that Citrix has recently released a whitepaper and a CloudFormation template that can get you up and running with your very own XenApp farm in as little as three hours. This CloudFormation template uses publicly available Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and snapshots to build a basic farm…

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Announcing the Multi-Region AWS CloudFormation Template for XenApp

Since I first introduced a CloudFormation template in the blog  “Jumpstarting your XenDesktop Farm in AWS with a CloudFormation Template,” we have received numerous requests from readers to update the template to support multiple Regions and Availability Zones. In recent weeks we’ve been laying the groundwork to satisfy these requests — copying the appropriate Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to all the Regions and updating the CloudFormation JSON template to use the newly copied AMIs in each Region. These AMIs have also been updated to tackle some of the timeout issues that were seen with the originals AMIs. Today we are…

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v4 AWS CloudFormation Template for XenApp

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